Beyond Text - A Two-Day Course for Communications Professionals

Since about 1990 we've been able to produce rich media content - video, audio, pictures and animations - first on CD-ROMs and then on the web. So, it's odd that today many organizations still rely so heavily, if not exclusively, on text-centric communication products.

And, even when those brochures or newsletters or annual reports are put online, they often arrive packaged as static PDFs, carbon copies of their print siblings, but taking no advantage of the medium they find themselves in.

This is even stranger when you look around on commuter trains, coffees shops and street corners and see how many folks are getting their information, news and entertainment on the go. It's delivered to the palms of their hands.

So, while the world is going increasing mobile, many companies are delivering their products and messages to devices that wouldn't have been out of place three decades ago.

To help those companies move beyond text, I've teamed up with Oakville-based communications specialist Donna Papacosta to deliver a two-day workshop for communications professionals who want to lead their companies into the mobile-first reality all around us. The intimate, hands-on workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Text vs. rich media
  • Why think of mobile first?
  • Reimagining the traditional creative brief
  • Big concerns: capacity, training, scalability
  • The product landscape for rich media development
  • From strategy to tactics: making media that makes sense

Our intention is to provide you with the concepts, tools and strategies to get you organization on a path to mobile-first content creation that's practical, scalable And in sync with your overall communications strategy.

The course takes place on March 20-21 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Centre for Social Innovation at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto. Learn more or register.